Compare Massage packages at Neko Massage

Room Price (VND)  600K 800K 950K 2500K
Minimum Tip (VND) 600K/Lady 800K/Lady 950K/Lady 950K/Lady
Time (minutes) 60 90 90 90
Room size (m2) 23 23 35 65
Bed size 1 single 1 single 1 King 3 singles
Jacuzzi size 1 single 1 single 1 King 1 Pool
Lady joins you in Jacuzzi no no yes yes
Number of guests 1 1 1 1 to 5

** Tip for lady not included and required minimum the same as ticket. i.e for 600K room, you tip 600K/lady. Total of 1200K.

**Extra: 4 hands, 6 hands and 8 hands massage

Frequently asked questions

1/ Can i choose the girls?

– Sure you can. Once you get to the room of your choice. We will introduce the girls to the room, one by one, and if you dont like her, tell her to change. No problem.

2/ What is Super King room?

– This is a special room for a group of  friends, who would like to enjoy a bachelor party, pool parties. This room has big pool, big sauna, 3 single beds, with music, light show, and the girls will join you in Jacuzzi to have fun. You can drink, dance, play with the girls here.

3/ What is 4 hands, 6 hands, 8 hands massage?

– It is like 3some, 4some, 5some … You have options to have 2 or 3 or 4 girls to massage you at the same time. Like a king with many queens around. This is a popular gift for birthday or special occasions. The room ticket is the same, but you need to tip each lady separately (minimum same as ticket) and extra for massage oil (if needed). Ie. If you book 600K ticket, and 2 girls. You pay total: 600K + 600K + 600K = 1800K

4/ Why do you have ticket and tip separately?

– Ticket price is for facility use, water, electric, cleaning and staff…. And tip is for the lady who provide you the massage. We do not touch the tip, it is all for the lady. Unlike many other places, we do not take any commission from lady’s tip, this is to make sure she provide you excellence service.

5/ How many girls do you have?

– We have over 40 girls working and new girls coming weekly.

6/ What other service do you have here?

– We have Karaoke KTV service on the 6th and 7th floor of the same building, with over 80 beautiful girls, you can drink, sing, dance and play with the girls. Please ask us for details.

– We also have beer club on 2nd and 3rd floor with good food, and on 8th and 9th floor. We have coffee shop with nice view of the area.